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Geelong Catering & Cafe
24 Malop St, Geelong, Victoria 3220
(03) 5222 8877

About Us

At Cravings Cafe and Catering, we don’t just accommodate your specialist dietary needs - those needs are the basis of our business.

Our original vision was for friends and associates to share a dining experience where every specialist dietary requirement could be catered for. We are a health-conscious business with heart and attract people who value our knowledge and attention to detail.

Our superior knowledge of food intolerances and requirements underpins every practice of food handling, preparation and delivery.

We haven’t simply added options to our menu, because our entire menu offers specific options for specific needs. Our unique menu legend takes away the guesswork, saving you time and worry.

We believe that nourishing foods should be enjoyed, not agonised over.  We are fully informed and dedicated to providing food of the highest quality and that is why everything is prepared in-house. 

Today, comprising of both a cafe and a thriving catering service, Cravings continues to offer superior quality, value and expert knowledge so that you can relax and enjoy!