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Geelong Catering & Cafe
24 Malop St, Geelong, Victoria 3220
(03) 5222 8877

Cravings Geelong Catering

Our catering service offers buffet or finger food for private and corporate functions. Our reputation for fast, efficient service and generous portions of quality food is the reason Cravings catering is the biggest part of our business.

Why choose Cravings Catering for your next event?

PHONE ORDERING. We provide quick and easy ordering over the phone.

FREE DELIVERY. We believe in providing value to our customers and offer free delivery within 10km radius of Cravings Cafe's premises.

SERVING STAFF.  We can provide a qualified server so you can relax and enjoy your function.

GENEROSITY: We believe that people judge an event on the food provided. That’s why we offer generous portion sizes of our quality offerings.